Full seats, better streets.

Shotl On-demand Buses is a mobility platform that matches multiple passengers headed in the same direction with a moving fleet of vans and minibuses.

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ShuttleMare: Rimini's popular service enters its fourth year

In its fourth year, ShuttleMare continues to offer Rimini residents and tourists a free and sustainable travel option between urban and coastal areas.

Albert Tresserras
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Designing cities for people, not cars: pedestrian-friendly urban spaces

Urban spaces have traditionally prioritized cars. However, a shift is underway towards designing cities that place people, not cars, at the center of urban planning.

Sílvia Coronado
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How we do it

Shotl helps you launch successful on-demand transport services


Measure rider movements to get predictive models in a given area before an on-demand shuttle starts hitting the streets.

Pilot test

A cheap and safe way to validate user response while slowly deploying new demand responsive services in your city.


Start saving operational costs and increase passenger ridership through a fully dynamic transport service based on real time demand.

Get to see our platform in action

Your Benefits

Positive results in less than 12 weeks


Demand boosts when replacing a fix-routed model with on-demand shuttles.


Cut operational costs when supplanting traditional lines by dynamically routed.

12 min

Average waiting time compared to 1 hour with traditional lines.